About the Artist

The start of something amazing!

I have a need to slow things down, to look deep into what is in front of me. Art gives me that freedom. Looking at more than fleeting moments that skim past the peripheral, I am able to find myself in the web of yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. I give myself permission to sit in my feelings, to remember, breath, and connect with my inner self. My inspiration comes from the initial experience of a place or an event, with the desire to find it’s hidden moments. My paintings and my sculptures are the translation of my experiences of the world around me. My art tells stories that could have been missed.

I seek the spark that occurs in the space where elements quietly meet, cross-over or brashly collide. I chase the light, how it bounces, breaks up, splatters shadows and influences colour. These elements compel me to paint.

Stories weaved by humanity into the relationships we have with the land and its animals fascinates me. These stories seem to source me out, whispering their long-held secrets to me. I believe that the stories of this land, the people and the animals are stored in the earth and in turn, my stones. With my stones, I trust the story it has to tell, and I do my best to bring life to them, for us to remember who we are, where we all come from and what we need to do to keep the balance of it. These hidden stories compel me to Sculpt.

Artist’s Bio

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